Mosaic is one of the most inclusive art-forms since it is suitable for all ages and ability levels. These are collaborative projects where everyone is involved in the design process, gathering the materials, making the mosaic and the unveiling. Participants feel a great sense of pride in creating such meaningful and unique artworks together.

It’s environmentally friendly too since we use mainly surplus and recycled items. We like to call this the ‘Treasure’. In our custom built mosaic studio we carry a dazzling range of materials including tiles, glass, stone, shells, beads, buttons and marbles. We have worked on projects all around Ireland and even as far as Texas!

Got something important to celebrate?

We facilitate mosaic projects for schools, community groups, public buildings, organisations and private homes. Our Mosaics can be abstract or can have a specific theme. Mosaics can be made for outside as well as indoors. We are happy to advise on structural issues and we oversee the installation.

Below are some of our favourite Mosaic projects. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the images.