Sean Corcoran is best known as a Sand Artist these but he also undertakes environmental art commissions for festivals and other outdoor events. 

A message from Sean;

It’s not just sand! 

It’s not just beaches! 

I like to work in forests. 

I like gathering sticks.

I like collecting pieces of old crockery from newly ploughed fields.

I like to work in streams and river valleys.

I like to use fire.

I like to make marks with Water, Chalk and Charcoal.

I sometimes like to balance rocks.

I like to gather beach glass.

I like to be immersed in nature.

I like the atmosphere of nature at nighttime.

I like wind.

I like rain.

I like storms.

I like gathering wild bamboo.

I like using clay.

I like using recycled and found materials.

I like to gather natural materials and bring them indoors.

I like a challenge.

I like experimenting.

I like doing things I’ve never done before.

I like to witness new things in nature.

Art for Events Outdoors Environmental

We have been creating an instalation called ‘Abode’ in the forest at Curraghmore Estate in Waterford for the All Together Now Festival since it began in 2018. Sean and his friend Joe and an ever growing team usually spend 3 or 4 weeks on site before the festival to create a series of quirky pathways and huts throughout the forest.

Sean was the first Irish artist to be featured at the LEAF Festival in Texas in 2020. Sean built a fairy garden and a meditation hut along the banks of the Llano River as well as collaborating with some of the top land artists in the world on a series of environmental instalations.